Say goodbye to frustration and brown-bag blahs

Traffic, long lines, lost drivers – we’ve let these things come between us and our food for long enough. With Relish, your personal meal just appears at work.

Relish serves up an assortment of restaurants every day. Explore new tastes. Enjoy an old fave. Either way, it’s lunch you can look forward to.

Relish meal tray

How it works

  • Mobile Device Icon

    See who’s delivering

    You get a reminder when time’s running out to order.

  • Food Options Icon

    Pick your food

    If your company offers a stipend, you’ll see how much is left.

  • Packaged Meal Icon

    Grab and enjoy

    You get a text when your food arrives.

Relish meal bag

Get food that’s always right

Diet is a personal choice. So choose what’s right for you. Every meal is personal – each in its own packaging that says who it’s for.

And always right there

When food arrives, it’s right where it belongs. We text you it’s ready, and you grab it when you are.

Relish meal bag

Send the person in charge of food at your company to

Or, if they’re old school, send them these resources.