COVID-conscious meals at work

Responsible restaurants

Every restaurant that serves Relish customers has committed to follow safe operating practices. This includes all existing food safety standards, plus COVID-specific guidance from the CDC, FDA, and National Restaurant Association.

Personal meals

Individual packaging. Because right now, not sharing is caring.

Personal labelling. No more peeking inside sandwiches to find which one’s yours.

Relish meal bag
Relish meal bags

Combined, contactless delivery

All-in-one deliveries. The less in-and-out at work, the better. Relish combines individual orders into a single delivery per restaurant.

Hands-free handoff. No drivers to meet or receipts to sign. Everything’s prearranged, so restaurants can get in and out, without contact or interruption.

Breathing room. On days when more than one restaurant delivers, drop-off times are spread apart to help with social distancing.

“How we feed our people is… crucial. Now food for work is a matter of the safety of our people. The stakes are that much higher than pre-COVID.”
Zack Schnyder, Customer Events Lead, Fortune 500 technology company